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Little Egypt & The Golden Era
Take yourself back to 1893, Chicago World Fair. The first Belly Dancer to dance pubclically in North America changed the course of dance forever.  Little Egypt heavily influenced the way North American would view belly dance, but also played a major role in the course of Burlesque History.  Througout the golden era of Burlesque, primarily seen in the 1920's and 30's, the movement vocabulary of burlesque would start to take primary elements of belly dance, and implement them into their dance.  
After Hours Cabaret utilizes the showdom of Burlesque (the lipsyncing, comedy, strip tease & theatrics) and the Little Egypt / Vaudville movement vocabulary to create the perfect mix of vintage performance.  Our performers are seasoned performance artists with heavy belly dance training.  They are passionate about the artform and it's unqiue interwoven aspects to belly dance. 
See You There :)